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Texas Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance with a return of premium?? You read it right. Texas Term Life Insurance anywhere between 10 and 30 years. If you don't pass away during that time, you get ALL of your premiums backs...guaranteed. For term insurance quote you simply need to provide your name, age, height, weight, state you live in, and any medications you are taking and we will shop every major insurance company out there to find you exactly what you're looking for at the best price.

Term Insurance Additions - Disability income riders which pays you up to $1,500 per month that you are disabled and unable to work. Critical illness riders that will provide medical coverage for you if you have a heart attack, stroke, or other life-threatening situations. The disability income and critical illness can be added on to your life insurance policy.

Remember, life insurance isn't for you... it's for those you love.

Texas Life Insurance Companies

In order to keep our promises to "be there" for Texas policyholders, we believe in associating our site with companies who have a history of maintaining their financial strength. We invite you to check A.M. Best Company or Weiss Ratings Inc. independent evaluations of the Texas Life Insurance Companies or any other Term Insurance Company and their ability to meet their obligations to their policyholders.

Texas Life Insurance Group (previous site here at TexasLifeIns.com) - Founded in 1993, Texas Life Insurance Group is an independent representative of Texas Life Insurance Company (A division of MetLife) the oldest legal reserve life insurance company domiciled in Texas. In fact, Texas Life holds Charter Number 1, and it was issued by the state banking commission - there wasn't even an insurance department yet! Throughout their long history, they have delivered quality life insurance products to their customers.

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